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About the Website
Welcome to the "Ringing Cedars" International Social Network!

This website was created to unite the readers of the books of the Russian writer Vladimir Megre of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series from around the world.

It is intended for communication and interaction of those to whom these books became significant in life, who, after reading them, lit up with a dream about the construction of their family homestead and, perhaps, already embodies this dream.

Here we are striving to create favorable conditions for the discussion of ideas and topics from the books of Vladimir Megre, for the search for friends who are like-minded, or maybe for the search of their own soulmate.

In the thematic sections of the site you will be able to share information about the already existing experience of construction and life in family homesteads. We urge you to gather here your personal experience, your thoughts and discoveries in mastering the new way of life.

Those who are only going to take a hectare of land and gather their own kin on it will be able to get acquainted with existing settlements here, or open a new initiative and get valuable advice.

If you are looking for communication, acquaintance, then we offer interesting services: a bulk questionnaire, a search system, a personal message service, chats, comments, gifts and much more.

On this site we can collect the best and most useful information so that it can be interesting and informative for those who are not already familiar with the books of Vladimir Megre and the idea of ​​the Family Homestead, and for those who already begin or continue to create their dimension of love, and looking for or already found their soulmates.

Here you can talk and publish the material in any language you know, you just need to specify what kind of language it is when publishing it. However, the most convenient for communication and interaction with readers from different countries will be English.

If you want to see here publications that relate only to the movement of readers in your country, and / or only in your language, then this can be done by enabling filtering on the relevant country and / or language at the very top of the site. In this case, you will find yourself on a sort of separate website, on a subdomain dedicated specifically to your country and / or your language.

Thank you for your interest and participation in the filling of this resource - the formation of yet another information space in the development and promotion of the Idea of ​​the Family Homestead and about people who strive for its embodiment, the creation of their Little Homeland on a hectare of land.

We value your participation and are always grateful for the manifestation of non-indifference!
We wish you pleasant experiences and fascinating communication!
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