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06.02.2019 (13 дней(день/дня) назад)

Hello everyone!!! Joy and Health to your Thoughts!!!


I am leaving here a copy of my Family Birth Book of Kin.


In it - I describe many Wise Logical Scientific Rites - Some that have much proof - and some that still need to be proven.


Please enjoy, and victory to you!!!


My Book: https://www.scribd.com/document/375975467/Wise-Logical-Scientific-Rites

A New Type of Handy-Man Profession.
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A New Type of Handy-Man Profession.
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A New Type of Handy-Man Profession.

By Kody Tillotson - A.K.A. - Babayda Mercury Gahsayg.

Phone #: 1-530-919-1753

I present in this paper 6 main body-types - what they mean - and how to level them up with massive amounts of experience of any kind at very quick speeds, just like in a video game - but for the purpose of Perfecting the Dwelling Land. Actions will now be a little easier. I call for this to be the new center of all groups and a way to restructure society in small ways. Please join me in this endeavor - to test, prove, and introduce this new system to all people.

I shall name off some of my main personal achievements, my Handy-Man work that I am capable of reproducing using the information in this paper - in the name of accurately describing the breadth and goal of these activities:

I have started a fire in my car telepathically, where there was no source of heat, electricity, or fire - instead the hydraulic cord that opens the gas-lid caught on fire - which never occurs by itself. This happened when I fell asleep in the driver seat while parked - and dreaming about a fire that started in someone else’s house. When I woke up, the fire in my car was already getting bigger - and so I had to find someone with a fire extinguisher to put it out.

I have Co-created an Elemental life-form by preforming certain pure thoughts in water with my family - thick DNA strand-shaped bits of oil came off of my body and formed together in the water. I was clean at that time with no strange oils on me.

I have made a jet black pre-cut-type diamond along with other gemstones, in the fire of my wood stove over a single night - using nothing but meditation, well water, Sugar Pine cones, and Oak wood.

A few days after creating the black diamond in the fire of the wood stove - a meteorite exploded through the atmosphere in my home town - and many people and professionals came to look for meteor fragments and give presentations about the meteor.

I have summoned physical Bismuth-Humans/Elves - through my actions - and slept in a deep dark forest while it was raining - trying to capture them. I asked one to marry me - and they have spoken to me ever since.

I have made edible food stuffs - sacred medicine - and even thought accelerating substances - from materials that needed to be altered in exact logical ways for such things to be achieved - even sometimes from stones.

Now I will present the number, name, mental-images and then tools each body-type uses to level up or gain a new ability - but please sample freely from all of them:

1 - Vay Kkn Lohah Kgohmoh.

Vay: First tree sap.

Kkn: First sexual energy.

Lohah: A giant white monster from another dimension dipping it’s head through the roof of a giant white mansion like room.

Kgohmoh: A town of shadow arising out of no-where.

The main tool of that body type is learning everything about-and then trying to actually perfect, the design of all Rodents.

2 - Eht Ohrmeeih Shee Lahgeesr Seetoh.

Eht: A sharp in-breath.

Ohrmeeih: Distinct packets of out-breath.

Shee: Another dimension.

Lahgeesr: All knowledge and power.

Seetoh: Failure.

The main tool of this body type is living off of the best balance of psychoactive substances.

3 - Rihahs Rayohhoh Theereh Ahohsgee Peesee.

Rihahs: All possible gases collapsing into one whole.

Rayohhoh: Acrobatics.

Theereh: Exact logical word-letter-sound combinations.

Ahohsgee: All types of cities.

Peesee: The Universal Energy of Love.

The main tool of this body type is learning about and then perfecting and accelerating the thoughts of all children.

4 - Vay AhLah Ee N’nt G’geh Gahsayg AhLah.

Vay: Second tree sap.

AhLah: Clothes.

Ee: A book.

N’nt: Getting stuck at a certain part of that book and not being able to move on for some strange reason.

G’geh: Something else making a decision for you.

Gahsayg: The physical Universe.

AhLah: Clothes turning into what-ever you want.

The main tool of this body type is creating and devouring all distractions or subliminal messages.

5 - Kkahee MsvWihptThshLg Kee.

Kkahee: Two new sounds before recognizing something.

MsvWihptThshLg: All culture.

Kee: The first true breath.

The main tool of this body type is devouring all physical and psychic attacks - and not just their subliminal messages.

There is a secret 6th body type - the body type of mutation - and it’s secret is that at the center of all things, are letters. I myself name this body-type: Kohree’Ay’EengahL Nahm Meeih Oh’hoh RehngayAh MsvWihptThshL. Their tools are living White-green cross-shape materials - living White-yellow material - living White material - and living Black-blue material. When using these in a way I myself have tested,, they can be applied to the coming list/chart of living colors and letters, when finding their similar materials in nature - to then create super substances capable of healing any disease, even genetic ones - when these substances are applied to edible materials of the same color. First, living White-green cross-shaped material with crushed up Dark-blue living material - is placed inside of the living colored thing that is to give away colors. Then living White yellow material with a living white thing placed in it’s center - are both placed in the living colored thing that is to take in colors. The White yellow material is placed closest to the ground - and the Black-blue material is placed closest to the sky. There must be a layer of the living White-green cross-shaped material on the ground beneath both of the living containers about 1/9ths in size compared to the container sizes - then the White-green cross-shape material is placed between the two containers at least 2/9ths in thickness compared to the container sizes. Then the same White-green material must be placed over this whole process in a heap about 9 times the size of the containers being used. Water this pile a few times a day for 9 days. The out-come is the super substances bonding to the out-side of the White-yellow containing - ground centered living container-to-be-given-to, (being given the colors from the other Black-blue and White-green cross-shaped material containing-container.)

1 - K-NKL-L - These two containers are White and White - to make White-purple and Black-pink super substances: This represents making a breaking sound with one’s throat. This cures breaks.

2 - Oh-AhOhSh S EeTOh-Sh - These two containers are White-purple/Black-pink to be given to and White-blue/Black-red to be taken from - to make White-blue and Black-red super substances. This is whistling. This cures drowning.

3 - R-MRTh P EeSEe-Th - These two containers are White-blue/Black-red to be given to and White-yellow/Black-yellow to be taken from - to make White-green and Black-orange super substances. This is breathing as little as possible. This cures burning.

4 - Ee-MEeIhEe TAhLAh-T - These two containers are White-green/Black-orange to be given to and White-red/Black-blue to be taken from - to make White-yellow and Black-yellow super substances. This is clicking noises. This cures cancer and infections.

5 - (Eh)Ay(Ee)-Oh(Eh)Ay(Ee)P GEeSOhL-P - These two containers are White-yellow/Black-yellow to be given to and White to be taken from - to make White-orange and Black-green super substances. This is bubble popping noises. This cures emotional trauma.

6 – Ee(H)-OhEeIh V’VAh-Ih - These two containers are White-orange/Black-green to be given to and White-blue/Black-red to be taken from - to make White-red and Black-blue super substances. This is making noise with one’s eyes. This cures distraction.

7 - N-REhNN WEeMEe-W - These two containers are White-red/Black-blue to be given to and White-yellow/Black-yellow to be taken from - to make White-pink and Black-purple super substances. This is breathing only out of the nose. This cures asphyxiation or gas-breathing damage.

8 - G-G(Eh)Ay(Ee)G VTEeREe-V - These two containers are White-pink/Black-purple to be given to and White-red/Black-blue to be taken from - to make Translucent and Brown super substances. This is opening up all air ways as much as possible. This cures psychic attacks from other life-forms and humans.

9 - Ah-AhSM-S(M) - These two containers are Translucent/Brown to be given to and White to be taken from - to make White super substances. This is breathing with only the mouth. This cures leaving one’s body against their will.

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