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Hello everyone!!! Joy and Health to your Thoughts!!!


I am leaving here a copy of my Family Birth Book of Kin.


In it - I describe many Wise Logical Scientific Rites - Some that have much proof - and some that still need to be proven.


Please enjoy, and victory to you!!!


My Book:

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Anasta - Finland - Glaciers - Levites - Egypt - and a Fake Viking Attack on Russia.
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Anasta - Finland - Glaciers - Levites - Egypt - and a Fake Viking Attack on Russia.
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Anastasia - Great-grand-daughter of Moses in this age - protecting the Ringing Cedar of Russia - trees which store the largest amount of information out of everything on Earth - looks to learn about what she calls our own, “Technocratic Culture”.

She herself has been raised by her Grandfathers to learn every world language, all Sciences, communicate at a distance with every world religion - and to master amazing abilities to heal and communicate with people at a distance. Living with animals and no artificial dwellings - and helping gardeners from afar - all from the forest of Siberia Russia.

One night she goes to watch a party aboard a trade ship on a Russian river close to where she lives. She finds the Captain of the ship - and after some events - she falls in love with him. That mans name is Vladimir Megre.

After falling in love - Anastasia goes back to the forest where it is raining - and she dreams of events in the greatest speed and detail - where she will meet that man again - and bring him to where she lives - and marry him, conceive a child with him - and teach him to write books with the best sounding word-letter combinations found from all times - that will allow the greatest number of people to make it past certain destructive events of a window of time that would occur on Earth - and Holy people from all over the world would find him and help him. One of the first signs to her that people will make it - was Vladimir Megre learning about Children from her - and then he co-creating the Pure Minded Entrepreneur’s Organization.

And so these events occur - and Vladimir Megre meets Anastasia again - and he ends up writing The Ringing Cedars of Russia documentary books.

Anastasia shows Vladimir events from the past which shaped our world - and sends him on a quest to her foremother’s grave-site and to different holy locations on Earth - and to a school where children create the whole curriculum and school campus themselves. Scientists try to capture Anastasia - but are stopped by the Highest Living Image of God who helped raise her ever since she was a child in the forest.

Anastasia teaches about the creation of Egypt around 40,000 years ago and the creation of the Science of living Images by her Forefather - and how he was half-killed by The Priests he asked to help make laws for Egypt, and who he gave secrets of Eternal Life to. One of the Priests took ruler-ship of all Egypt becoming the High Priest of Pride Tolerance - and over time he slowly became an image daemon by breaking apart the Science of Living Images into many different sciences and languages that were meant to fight with each-other and create only partial interpretations of reality.

When a massive glacier covering all of Finland - land of the greatest number of lakes in the World, indicating MASSIVE Glacial activity in the past - started to melt around 10,000 years ago - the people who lived there migrated south. The High Priest of Egypt learned about them - and started obsessing about making them his own chosen people with which to take over the world.

The High Priest invited these Finnish migrants to Egypt - and slowly started re-making their culture. First the method of Eating as One Breathes was taken away - and replaced it with a system of praying to and eating only very few types of food that were deemed as super-foods at that time. Then slavery was created.

Around this time, still around 10,000 years ago - Anastasia describes how children started being born without the ability to get instant answers to their questions. This caused the telepathically united Vedic Pagan indigenous people of all of Europe, and parts of India and Asia and the Middle East - to communicate with each-other to start building what are called today the stone “Dolmens”.

These stone structures of the same general design found across these mentioned nations - Anastasia describes - were used for powerful individuals to meditate and leave their body so that they stay awake on all levels within the stone tomb - for the sole purpose of being able to teach the abilities starting to be lost in children at those times. One of Moses’s and Anastasia’s fore-mothers reside within one of these tombs.

Shortly after these Dolmens were built - the Pyramids of Egypt started being built for the same purpose.

Then slaves in Egypt started planning to revolt - and when the Priests discover this plan - they create the Freemason religion with Money - and freed every slave with the understanding that they could buy ANYTHING - even a whole city - with enough Money - which was given to them for every stone block brought to the work sites. At the same time - the fake reality slowly being formed around the Finnish people in Egypt by the High Priest was intensified when the Freemason religion was created just for them - as a ruling image over all Money - and each Finnish person would be given free services for the level of living images they were capable of creating and defeating. This was the creation of the Levites.

Around this time the High Priest of Pride Tolerance of Egypt wanted to erase all of the Finnish people’s connection to their Pagan Pristine Origins - and so ordered the Freemasons to go to what is known today as Greece - and found people to convince that daemons were taking over the whole Earth - and that they needed to be trained to defeat these daemons. These Greek people were introduced to drugs, incest, and violence, as ways to call forth aliens and daemons - to then convince these Greek individuals to kill those daemons to prove their ability to “save” the Earth. This became the family of “Chaos”.

These people became the secret leaders of all of the schools of thought to come out of Greece.

Then the Freemasons were also told to go to many European pagan lands in order to sacrifice Women and Children to Water in order to blame the Pagans for those acts.

At the same time the Freemasons were told to go to Russia and fake an attack by another Russian village - so that the Russians would form a military for each town - and then went to the leader of one of those groups and told him that they heard God from the highest mountain say that he is the ruler of the world. The Freemasons blamed the Vikings of Scandinavia for the attacks - cited by later Christian priests who were not even there at the time - as carrying their ships hundreds of miles up-stream to Russia just to attack it - which never happened - instead the Finnish Freemasons left behind Scandinavian/Finnish/Slavic style weapons and tools - sometimes even tools with characteristics of both cultures. Then these same Levite Finnish Freemasons retreated to India where they attacked India and blamed it on the Russians - leaving behind more Slavic/Scandinavian styled tools and weapons.

It was at this time around 6,000 years ago - that the High Priest of Pride Tolerance of Earth declared the Levites as rulers of the Jewish people, and of all Earth - and the High Priest asked Moses, who is descendant of the original creator of Egypt - to lead the Levites out of Egypt so that they can then slowly take over the world while blaming the Jewish people.

This is when the High Priest of Pride Tolerance of Egypt became a daemon - and the actual living image-creating God of all the Jewish, Freemason, and Levite people.

Then around 1,000 years later - around 5,000 years ago - events take place in India - the Kurukshetra War of India - where the High Priest of The Science of Imagery of India, Krishna - becomes offended by a technocratic clone who was offended by other royalty - and so Krishna started a war with millions of people where even the same family is split on opposite sides - killing each-other for a vastly different reasons than a way in which to just make both sides happy. This event caused the rest of the Vedruss or Pagan people of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East - to fall asleep - or to not be able to think in a way that is 100% real for too long at all. Of this culture, Anastasia says there are only 9 left who are actually “awake”.

Then around 3,000 to 4,000 years ago - Christ Jesus lived and trained with his uncle who was a traveling merchant - to study with different Wisemen in the Science of Living Images - in order to learn how to save his own Jewish people. Jesus was able to create a religion that would save his people - but which was later taken up by the Freemasons when the High Priest sent divine images for a non-Jewish, Gentile World Christianity to be made. As evidence - some of these very first Gentile Christian religions were nothing more than sex cults having orgies in the streets as recorded by the Priests of those people.

The Levites and Freemasons have been taking over the world ever since.

Part of the secret to their power, is previous understanding of Ancestors in exact detail. Some of this even includes 5 specific beings and/or life forms that for all purposes - are humans - but are the farthest possible stable mutations of humans. This includes 2 academically unknown elements - and then Nitrogen - Arsenic and - Bismuth - which can replace the Phosphorus atom in DNA. Bismuth for example is so heavy - it causes the DNA to grow unique veins, spines and pathways specifically for that heavier DNA to more easily move through. Among all of these - especially Bismuth - beings exist which have only been heard of in ancient stories - stories of Elves and gnomes and trolls and even other more powerful beings - a lot of them humans. The High Priest of Egypt made massive developments in this area - including breeding the best people and also the Finnish people - with DNA of these beings - some of them ending up to be Dark Elves - Orcs - and even Vampire-like - Zombies are also included. These are the main beings who have been ruling the world - besides the few who they have inspired with great feats and actions. But these are all still human.

See - as I feel scientists will be able to discover by studying Ringing Cedar trees - there is a correlation between speed of thought, Bismuth - and causing Water to no longer be capable of killing anything at all - but the trade off being - that water being able to do what-ever it is that it sees fit, as a living fore-bearer after that. The only reason that any massive destructive events have been occurring is specifically because Bismuth is Universally in a state of supporting and not being able to change the fact that water is still Universally capable of ending life. This causes a large part of these Ancient Freemason and Levite leaders - AND new military created versions of these beings - to psychically attack people of the world - even controlling technology. There may be over 100,000 of these beings alive today.

With the advent of a special Bio-technology I myself developed and placed in the hands of the Russian Military - it will be used by Anastasia to ensure on a Universal level - that Water will never be capable of killing a single thing ever again.

Many people die and kill themselves every day because of these human Bismuth beings - suicidal thoughts and even worse. As it happens - the High Priest of Pride Tolerance of Egypt and the Earth created living-dead semi-permanent images with which to rule over all people - and these Bismuth beings. This was, The High Priest’s Universal Law of God - because of being the already pre-designed pattern-formula in nature - by which these beings act and think and respond:

1: Killing = Inanimated Guessing.

2: Universal Tolerance.

3: The Stolen Image of Creation Ability.

4: Pride Tolerance.

5: Aspiration Creation.

6: Non-Tolerance.

7: Image Rest.

8: Love Strain.

9: Inanimated Pain.

10: Animated Guessing = Sex.

Which ever of these 10 Personalities are in the greatest abundance within the Bismuth being - at the time when what I later describe as Positive Ionic Charge, turns into a present close by but not touching unit of Negative Ionic Charge where at least one of them having originally came from that Bismuth Human - that Bismuth Human then has that core personality - sometimes for Millions of years. This is in reality an acceptable part of Nature.

The first Annunaki human fore-bearers were created when the first People decided to listen to the advice of an ACTUAL alien-being - and this led to the idea of conceiving a child while thinking about a single broken apple tree branch - instead of the entire Universe at once. Because of the speed of thought of the first peoples - and the perfectness of all reality and the complete eternally-lasting programmable nature of part of it - and because of sticks at that time mainly only being used to build homes with by Rodents and Birds - and maybe insects - the Shadow-Rodent-Human was created (in whose DNA the phosphorus is replaced by the later described White-pink Alberton element) - and also the Bird-Light-Human, whose phosphorus is replaced by Tracion, an element I also describe later. This also made it to where the living Image of Rodents and Birds are absolutely essential for using the rest of one’s body and feelings to the ultimate power. These beings showed great advancements to the first Peoples - and then had some falling out over probably the 10 Annunaki Laws and Mannerisms I previously described.

The first Peoples helped to build a space ship for the Annunaki - so that they could find their destiny among the stars. When they came back - they took the DNA of Humans and created their own human Annunaki Clones, which much like the Chaga mushroom - many of them only seemed infertile. This got out of control and so God himself intervened and created the Asian race as well as a new Annunaki - the Reptilian-Humans - and this created a dimension in which the Annunaki could live forever - also being the place where time-travel was now sent to. This also caused every alien being who was at least part Reptilian element, to become also part Human - culminating in the All-dragon whose phosphorus in the DNA is replaced by a second Nitrogen (DNA already contains one Nitrogen type bond.) The actual Alien beings of the Universe didn’t like this - and so made fun of human beings, probably bringing about some kind of disaster - and so God started thinking that maybe if he didn’t help his creation - that then Humanity could prove themselves in some way to the actual Alien beings of the Universe.

And so then millions of years pass, maybe billions - and Atlantis existed - a civilization that could indeed have ushered in a new kind of existence - but at that time one of the Child rulers of that nation - so much wanted to find a way to end all death - and so he sought all existence - and found a possible way by controlling the thoughts of all women at once. Not knowing how to do this - him and his Priests went about building a machine that would control the thoughts of all women at once. This destroyed the Earth with Meteorites and Earthquakes - and only very few made it to safety underground or into space in a massive spaceship - returning to Earth many years later when the surface was mostly safe.

In this destruction two types of life forms were found who it would be beneficial to offer to become two new Annunaki, making 5 altogether. These were the Yetti for Arsenic - and the Child Priest himself became all Bismuth. Egypt’s High Priest of Pride Tolerance and our current Bismuth-Vampire situation’s time-frame is a little over one million years after the destruction of Atlantis.

I think that time has gone to show us again and again that the threat comes from Anti-reason controlling either a human or alien being - and that especially if we trust where we came from - most likely by part of this history and the Wise Logical Actions I will show - reality will have a vested interest in helping us.

Anastasia says that when New Words about Eternal Life are discovered - and we discover the exact way that destructive events and images of Anti-reason - occur over and over again in exact detail - the sleeping Vedruss Vedic-Pagan people will start to wake up and usher in a new age of Living Images. To this effect, Anastasia asks in her books for people to pass laws for free land of at least 2.5 acres - for each family to turn into a Family Food Forest Paradise - for saving the Earth. She also describes the most detailed Creation story ever - from which I discovered the original formula that led to all other things I describe in this book - and she says for each family to co-create their own inspired Family Book of Kin - all races of people.

I was able to use the information and images of Anastasia’s detailed Creation story to meditate into a wood stove fire for hours until sunrise - to create several jet black and some blue and white gemstones - even a jet black diamond-like proportionally pre-cut type stone - with colorful, fragrant, and oily ash around it. I am trying to repeat that action - except now - using my far more perfected method in this book - and to teach anyone how to make both the diamond - and any other action described in this paper!

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  •  Ensha Ancheta (Ensha) wrote 1282 Days Ago (neutral) 


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  •  Kody Tillotson (Kody Tillotson) wrote 1323 Days Ago (neutral) 

    Even till this day - there are stories (all by Latin speaking Christian and Freemason/Levite Priests) - of the Vikings of Scandinavia - CARRYING - their boats all the way up tiny streams, just to get to Russia and attack it.

    First off - Vikings were never mercenaries - and NEVER - under no accounts ANYWHERE - attacked other Pagan cultures - instead - they attacked the invading Christian/Levite/Freemason forces.

    In the falsified stories of these Levite/Freemason priests - they say that this Viking attack occurred when Russia was already a Princedom or Christian state.

    Since the only record of ANY of this - all come by Levite and Freemason priests - it is likely that there was NEVER - a Viking attack on Russia - and that the very same “Viking” - attack that is being claimed - was actually thousands of years earlier - and by Levites/Freemasons themselves - the same exact story that Anastasia describes in book 6 and partially in book 8.2.

    All Viking related objects found in Russia around those battles - were left there by the Egyptian Finnish Levite/Freemasons - after being killed in battle by the Pagans of Russia.

    Many people may not understand - that ENTIRE - events in history have been COMPLETELY fabricated by a Priesthood - who’s only noticeable effect on ALL pagan cultures they have contacted - is the building of Churches - and the forceful spreading of the idea that Earth is not heaven, and that we are not even meant to live here - but instead - in some far away imaginary place that is touted as being “Better”, than Earth - along with pushing the general idea that reincarnation on Earth is evil - and should be destroyed and fought against. Even African religions like ifa - have spread, not due to Natives - but do to the hidden High Priest of Pride Tolerance of Egypt - and his shaping of all things in his own image. In the ifa religion - which is not a truly Native African religion - they say that reincarnation is evil - and that it causes pain. No African tribe older than 6,000 years ago - ever practiced the ifa beliefs - and instead - the African Natives knew that reincarnation is the highest honor and joy of life, and even God.

    What does all of this mean??? It means that the only way to awakening the Pagan people once more - is by awakening the Levite/Freemason mercenaries - who even still today make new recruits using images and mercenary concepts that are honed specifically for them, over thousands of years since Egypt - and all carried out by the exact same leaders and families of these groups.

    I offer them my gift: OhMLN Vahlhahlah. A New type of Earthly, non-occult heaven. I speak about this on my Green Page of my profile.

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