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09.12.2018 (6 дней(день/дня) назад)

Hello everyone!!! Joy and Health to your Thoughts!!!


I am leaving here a copy of my Family Birth Book of Kin.


In it - I describe many Wise Logical Scientific Rites - Some that have much proof - and some that still need to be proven.


Please enjoy, and victory to you!!!


My Book: https://www.scribd.com/document/375975467/Wise-Logical-Scientific-Rites

The Window of Time of Good - Featuring Wise Logical Scientific Rites.
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The Window of Time of Good - Featuring Wise Logical Scientific Rites.
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By Kody Hunter Tillotson - Babayda Mercury Gahsayg. Phone# - 1-530-919-1753. Email - babayda.mercury.gahsay@gmail.com -

The Window of Time of Good - Featuring Wise Logical Scientific Rites:

Eht GeesohL Ayahee PL Keeihoh KeeihohAhS NKL Kkahee MsvwihptThshLg. This translates as - *”The peak of Perfecting the Dwelling Land is when a Woman causes everything's inner animated guessing to touch outer tolerance so slow that nothing can stop or notice her - creating timeless moments that can't be seen or stopped by the unworthy. This becomes a resource and food for making promises and the ability to keep them no matter what happens, even if you loose interest. The destruction of all of this is called anti-reason - and is the ultimate destructive force, creating a completely imaginary world. To defeat all anti-reason is to have Co-created something with inspiration that will last forever. This causes men to use the science of living images to eat as one breathes for the purpose of birth. This is the Pristine Origins of Earthly Love. This is Truth itself, and a New Definition of Eternal Life.”* In Short This Means to Make Sure That Women Always Take the Absolute Longest Path for making it functionally appear that they are moving slow enough for inner Animated Guessing to touch Outer Tolerance - For The Purpose of Giving All Life More Time to Think and find Health. Only a Female of any species experiencing this whole state, can truly say what is or isnt the longest possible path. Men in general cant really say at all what is the longest possible path, without causing Anti-reason or a completely imaginary world - because of eventually causing Females or Women who are experiencing this state to move too fast - and so disrupting their ability to preform in the previously described important way of helping people keep promises no matter what. For this reason - Men or Males can become more honed and perfected among themselves in the ability of creating the shortest possible path to any thing.

Supplemental Education for Women - but Usable by All People: Definition Terms - Muonic Crystal is Length and repeated pattern of Crystal Density breaking apart Muonic Crystals and Potential Acid Positrons. - Potential Acid Positron is Width and Added Charge - of Electron Surface Area causing all Colors to rise above their opposites - but only when 74 times itself or less in distance from a Muonic Crystal. A Potential Acid Positron never officially bonds to a Muonic Crystal. The amount of time it takes for a non-touching Muonic Crystal to turn into a non-touching Potential Acid Positron - is the longest time for any Atomic reaction in the Universe to take place because of having the most contrasting differences between each-other more than any other material - and so when they touch each-other, the Muonic Crystal and Potential Acid Positron treat Thickness (The Physical Difference between them) - and Axial Rotation (The Non-Physical Difference between them) - as the same exact force, because of that difference being the only similarity between these two substances - leading to a type of movement which touches upon local variations in any other material - of every Physical and Non-Physical difference between the Muonic Crystal and Potential Acid Positron - which I describe each difference later.

When the purest Phosphorus/Antimony type elements (One-half of a Potential Acid Positron) - takes the absolute longest route before eventually touching the purest second generation Silicon/Rhodium type isotopes (One-half of Muonic Crystal) - and then touches female information/life of any race in the Universe - the Woman or female life-form emits Promise-making substances because of the Topoisomerase and Single Strand Binding Proteins of the DNA in those Female units of life causing Muonic Crystals and Potential Acid Positrons to not break apart once that Female is in contact with the previously described Long-Term delayed touching of Potential Acid Positron/Phosphorus/Antimony and Muonic Crystal/Silicon/Rhodium isotope like reactions. It may even be possible that the two long-armed XX Chromosomes in the Female DNA, are primarily for the purpose of taking the longest path before causing the Topoisomerase and Single Strand Binding Proteins to stop Muonic Crystals and Potential Acid Positrons from breaking apart. This means that the Male XY half-short armed chromosomes take the shortest pathway before “Asking” - the X chromosome to preform this same action. Because these Muonic Crystals and Potential Acid Positrons compose every living thing - these Female actions cause an equal unit of life in the Universe to protect that female quality with it’s very existence. This is very hard if not completely impossible to preform in specifically technocratic type conditions because of the amount of time required. I do how-ever present a way to merge the technocratic way of thinking and the biological way of thinking - so that all people may further study this function. My method is by taking any single living White colored material (Muonic Crystal) which can have things stored inside of it, like a Sand-dollar or even a white cupped flower - and then crushing up Black-blue living substances (One-half of a room temperature Bose Einstein Condensate or Potential Energy and Decrease of Colors over space and time) like blueberries - and dicing plant material which has many 90 degree natural crosses of white lines/hairs and white-green plant material (Alkaline Muon Mirror - allowing Sub-atomic Colors to pass through space without being absorbed right away) - and mix this plant material about 50/50 with the blueberries - and place them inside of the White living container. Then take white yellow living material (One-half of an Inert Gas Hydrate which is Increase of sub-atomic Colors over space and time, and also stable Mass itself) - like some tree sap or bees wax - and place a White living material or crystal inside of the tree sap. Place this inside of the second White living container. Place the tree sap container on the ground - and place the blueberry container on top of it. Cover all of this with as much of the White and White-green cross plant material as possible - and then water this whole set-up with clean fresh water a few times every day for about 10 days. The bottom White container will be stained Dark/Black-pink, and not from the blueberry stains - after preforming this experiment the Dark/Black-pink color almost completely dissipated in non-humid and non-hot/cold air within 2 days. This Dark/Black-pink color is exactly One-half of a Potential Acid Positron, and in one of it’s purest forms. When submerged in clean water and then the water let to dissipate until there is just a little bit of liquid left over at the bottom - this liquid can be given to millipedes and centipedes to cause 3 things to happen: 1 - these insects will carry the Potential Acid Positron as long as possible before touching a Muonic Crystal - because of those insects causing sub-atomic colors to rise above opposites, and so leaving behind information which will stay in exact form until reaching an equivalently energetic millipede or centipede - causing the state where when Women or even female of anything touches these insects who preserve Potential Acid Positrons - will cause the female unit to emit promise-keeping substances, making life itself every-where to protect the Female/Woman in an equal unit to the beneficial energy produced. 2 - These insects will now emit substances which greatly accelerate and clean up the speed of a person’s image-thinking. And 3 - emits substances which cause animals to see the inside of things - and so making them more inclined toward being handled and better trained. If a bigger container of the millipedes and centipedes is collected - and this material placed on all of them - used - and then the insects released afterward into nature - enough special substances can be made to enhance an entire group of people, creatures, and Women.

Some other Uses For This Purified Potential Acid Positron Water Material - The Relative Differences Between Potential Acid Positron and Muonic Crystal, As Shown by Combination With Other Materials:

When the Potential Acid Positron Water is added to White living material (Muonic Crystal) - it creates Thickness and Axial Rotation.

When added to White-purple and Black-pink living material (Potential Acid Positron) - it creates Time/Extra-inclusion and Orbital Revolution.

When added to White-blue and Black-red living material (Neutron/Resonant Oxidate) - it creates Increase of Colors over space and time, and then also, it creates stable Mass itself.

When added to White-green and Black-orange living material (Alkaline Muons) - it creates stable Pressure units and stable Color units.

When added to White-yellow and Black-yellow living material (Inert Gas Hydrates) - it creates stable Potential Energy and a Decrease of Colors over Space and Time.

When added to White-orange and Black-green living material (Plasmons) - it creates stable Temperature units and stable Tone/Sound units.

When added to White-red and Black-blue living material (Temperate Bose Einstein Condensate) - it creates Inherent Charge and Ecliptic/Line-of-sight.

When added to White-pink and Black-purple living material (UV Positrons) - it creates Length and Crystallization on one side - with stable Temperature and stable Tone/Sound, on the other side.

When added to Translucent/Brown living material (Net Positive Charge) - it creates Width and Added Charge on one end - and stable Potential Energy with Decrease of Colors over Space and Time, on the other end.

When added to any Black colored living thing - Black subatomic Colors themselves are emitted and can be used to make any of the energy qualities (example: Inherent Charge and Ecliptic/Line-of-sight) above, to look like and energetically represent only half of itself, and so one of the previous colors of the group of two given colors above (White-red and Black-blue) which turn into the two energy qualities (Inherent Charge and Ecliptic/Line-of-sight) - is selected by these living materials themselves for the specific time and day. This is to bond them with a particular line of reactions described here, like for example placing the augmented Black colors on Inherent Charge and Ecliptic/Line-of-sight - and so nature may choose at that time either White-red of the previous color, or Black-blue - and so lets say White-red - which can be saved until later to add to more White-red and Black-blue, but now in more measured units, for creating specific amounts of the next step, which is again Inherent Charge and Ecliptic/Line-of-sight.

As a theory, which I don’t suggest anyone to try besides professional scientists - is that when this concentrated Potential Acid Positron Water is placed on anything - which is edible at only a specific time of day or year, the material will turn White/Light-purple. But if the material is poisonous at that time of day or year, the Potential Acid Positron substance will stain it Black/Dark-pink. This also means that when in the White-purple form, this Potential Acid Positron substance is edible itself, but should never be tried unless it is completely separated from the Black/Dark-pink.

When reverse engineered - the Physical Science component of this paper outlines a complete map of any Female unit of life.

These steps create Pathways which can be used to predict and Co-create what nature does next.

Every single one of these steps can be used to build a house - or do almost any other thing that these steps may be needed for - even making things in a fire.

A Poem:

May good days follow you..

From your hand's palm to the mount of your shoulders, drapes clothing of bright touch from the air of the space around you. Give this to your son and again be young, feet on the ground finding love..

See, there are people walking at the morning's dawn in the dirty streets. A pulse in the air sets ground for a man's delightful, insightful calling..

"World be heard! Be fragrant Earth, and let your soil blossom as a balanced ray of life. It reflects but one type of closeness in Man's life."

"So please look out and see hornets in their gleam protecting my home under the nearby majestic Cedar trees. Blossoming of the soil and my light is rising still, I follow a path of towering spring."

"Waters run cool and seep deep in-between. On the ridged back of the motherland,  we can herald the marvelous  dawning of every morning! "

"Pollen surrounds and flowers plume from the ground cover. Rugged is this mountain, and birds soar with laughter."

" Sunflowers may dance and sway with Madrone flowers caringly swept away to the forest floor." "Is there a divine program for life?" a child asks..

And just like that, a man's birth will always mean more..

Thought from well over 10,000 years here is trying to implore! With feelings freed to a space in our thoughts, we could take a peak over these verdant horizon crests, as buds of fresh thought. From where have we headed? And on what part, for a marvelous  life, what kind of dream could our thoughts and feelings be intended? In Love the truth, may only good days follow you!

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