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11 days ago 5 comments Categories: Family Homestead Mood: Tired Tags: медоносы, фацелия
В этом году решил посмотреть, как будут вести себя на участке медоносы и некоторые лекарственные травы. Заказал по почте с из магазинов и вот такие семена: эспарцет фацелия
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9 days ago 1 comments Categories: Country Management Mood: Accomplished Tags:
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In the story of Anasta in book 10 - she is described as living in a place where there is a Glacier that is melting - and when it finishes melting - will flood many places. I believe we can know this
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10 days ago 0 comments Categories: Labour In Homestead Mood: Accomplished Tags:
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<3 <3 <3   Hand aeration of water bubbles can do things that mechanical ways can not. Mainly because of the good energy coming from people who like preforming this task - but also that -
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