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"Ringing Cedars" International Social Network. Destination

"Ringing Cedars" International Social Network. Destination

Dear friends!

The social network has started its work, and we would like to tell you more about it.


The "Ringing Cedars" movement, which is more than 20 years old, appeared after the publication of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" book series by the Russian writer Vladimir Megre. There are readers of the books in many countries of the world. We are all united by dreams, images from the books, our feelings responded to what was said in the books.

In an effort to materialize new dreams in real life, people began planting seeds, creating poems and songs, building new homes inspired by the dream of a family homestead.

Much has already been done for these more than 20 years, and how many extraordinary discoveries and achievements we have yet to come! It is always better if efforts of even a few unite: there began to appear clubs of readers, settlements of ancestral estates, collectives of bards carrying the good news in their work.

Despite all the difficulties, Family Homesteads appear, develop and multiply with each passing year, new generations are born and grow in them.


It is important for the movement of readers to remember and realize what exactly gave our life such an impulse that formed the basis of our dream - it is important to talk openly about the books of Vladimir Megre, about the Idea of the Family Homestead, declared in them.

Many readers have something to share: photos and video shooting of their Family Homesteads, songs of their own composition, reflections on the Universe, and other fruits of creativity - drawings, handicrafts and much more. It is important to show such achievements, to reflect the materialization of the inspiration received from the contact with information in the books of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series, and collect all this in one convenient place - the Internet.

The reader of the books of the series would like to be understood, heard by other people. Such readers from all countries need feedback, a lively reaction on any material published by them, as well as support, understanding of those who share their views.

Unfortunately, there are many lonely people among us who need to be provided with an opportunity to communicate and interact. It is important to prepare an environment where they could find their own soul-mate and create a family. It is necessary to inspire people to move on life further, organize it on a better level, improve their way of life.

At present, a need to form a knowledge base, practical experience, that will help people to solve problems faster and more qualitatively, to equip household life in their Family Homesteads is becoming more and more evident.

In the works of Vladimir Megre, a special role is assigned to the power of collective thought. The presence of a tool capable of collecting and concentrating it would help the embodiment of good ideas.

The emerging needs prompted us to create a unique Internet site - the "Ringing Cedars" International Social Network. After months of work, it was open to the first guests and officially operates from April 6, 2018. The functions available now should be sufficient to meet the above needs.

And now we turn to the story about the functions of the new site.


On the new site everyone can find the best and convenient form of participation and telling about themselves and their affairs.

Since the social network is international, it initially supports English as an international language, in addition to Russian, where the most active communication takes place. As the resource grows, other languages ​​will be added for the convenience of visitors: German, French and others.

Regardless of the chosen interface language, you can publish materials, comment and communicate on the site in any language convenient for you!

In a social network, you can communicate in a variety of ways:

  • personal mail;
  • a pop-up personal and group chat with the ability to record video / audio;
  • mini-chat for greetings on the main page;
  • comments;
  • forum;
  • drawing boards;
  • the walls of the participants' profiles;
  • adding to friends;
  • an analogue of Twitter - "Chirrup", where you can share public text messages with other users;
  • for phones and tablets on iOS or Android, applications are available that allow you to correspond with other users, view their profiles, photos, videos and audio (in the future we plan to improve these applications - stay tuned!);
  • you can send greetings, congratulations, express your attitude through postcards, flowers and other digital gifts similar to those available in popular social networks.

With the interactive map and the "People" section it is easy to see from which countries and in what quantity users are registered on the site.

To find someone to talk to, use the advanced search, and before you write to anyone for the first time, find more about a person from his/her extended questionnaire. For those who are looking for friends and soul-mates, a special "Dating" section is created. In the "Meetings" section you can express sympathy and meet if both are interested.

The topic of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" is multifaceted and has not been fully studied yet, it can be discussed in various sections of the site. Have you been excited with some topics from the books of Vladimir Megre, and would you like to discuss them and share your thoughts with other readers? You can use Forums for this, "Opinions", "Questions" sections, or comments under the relevant in the "Books" section, as well as individual quotes.

Acquaintance with interesting and good people can be combined with useful things. For example, you can meet someone to donate anything you don't need any more using an ad in the "Freebies" section.

Share your photos, videos, audio (can be combined into playlists) and files with like-minded people!

Maybe you like to talk about daily achievements and discoveries in your family homestead? Many would be interested to read about this in your Blog.

The site will host various automated contests in the formats of images, video, audio and text. Prizes will be points reflecting the degree of participation of the user on the site.

It is also possible to unite within the movement - to create thematic groups of users. For example, separate groups can be created to unite participants and represent family homestead settlements or readers from a certain city/country, or those who are going to attend a specific event, and for many other purposes.

The section "Locations" might be interesting for those who organize permanent readers' clubs - there you can tell about the club, indicate where it is located and attract new visitors. As a result, a joint map of settlements, clubs and events will be formed.

Everyone can act as a source of information, news and announcements on various topics on the site.

If you have information about a significant event that occurred in your family homestead settlement in your country or in the world, then why not share it with others in a "News" section which is created for this purpose?

Imagine an event is planned for which you would like to invite as many readers of Vladimir Megre's books as possible, then why not tell about it in the corresponding section?

Maybe you were impressed by some phenomenon related to the subject matter of the books of Vladimir Megre, and you have a lot of thoughts on this topic? Then you can arrange them in the form of an illustrated article.

Images of a beautiful future can be combined into publications in the sections: "Poetry", "Prose", "Articles", "Notes", "Mini-stories" and so on!

On the site you can exchange information about where to get the necessary seeds, seedlings, how to plant, grow, take care, treat certain plants, and also how to collect, prepare and store the harvest. All this is combined in the "Plants" section.

Perhaps you know several recipes for delicious and healthy meals, which you would be happy to share? To do this, we have a section with the same name - "Recipes".

If you are a master in some matter and think that by sharing knowledge you would help people, then welcome to the "HowTos" section.

Say, you have a wonderful idea related to the subject matter of the site - reflect it in the "Ideas" section!

When you were able to think through the thought carefully, to split its embodiment into stages, to put it into text and graphics, then here is the place for it - the "Projects" section. Social network is also a tool for developing and implementing joint projects.

Besides, you can declare fundraising here for some useful accomplishment related to the subject matter of the site - for example, organizing an event, buying and planting seedlings, advertising in the media, and so on.

For a small fee, you can place an advertisement page in the catalog of products from your Family Homestead or settlement, so that people can see it and can contact you for questions and orders.

You can also purchase digital editions of Vladimir Megre's books and a number of additional services in the site store.

Many other thematic sections are presented as well for your convenience: "Petitions", "Polls", "Surveys", "Reviews", and so on.

The more useful information will be collected on the site, the better position it will take in the Internet search engines, and the more people who are not familiar with the books of Vladimir Megre will get to know about them.

There is a tool in the social network for assessing authors of published materials, which allows you to identify the most high-quality sources of information. This feature will be useful for those who first came to the site.

Information in the social network is grouped by category, and publications can be assigned different keywords (tags), which simplifies the search for visitors.

With the help of special filters, you can opt to display only those publications which are written in a specific language and/or associated with a particular country.

The readers who live in a particular country and/or those who know only their native language will be able to communicate and interact as if on a separate website, where they will not be distracted by an unfamiliar speech.

If you have questions or difficulties when using the site, you can refer to the brief instructions for beginners, to the growing list of frequently asked questions, reference materials, and address directly the site support.


We see a new social network as a multidimensional unite international platform, intended to solve problems, assist to communicate, exchange information and co-organize for the readers of the books by Vladimir Megre, where they can share news, experiences and co-operate in every way.

It will help to find like-minded people, soul-mates, will support the creators of family homesteads and readers of the books from around the world, cheer up and inspire optimism in them.

Creative thought will not be ignored: the site will help bring useful ideas, encourage thinking, creativity, the creation of the family homesteads and sharing the knowledge of the Universe and ourselves.

We understand the importance of collective thought, so the social network will also solve this problem - through the formation of wishes that anyone can support, and thereby strengthen. At the same time, positive and constructive thoughts gathered in one place will help to form a happy future.

The social network will be able to introduce the world to the international movement, the image of family homesteads, show that in the world there is an idea capable of bringing people from different countries together. It will reflect thoughts set out in the books of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series, on the site through creativity, ideas and much much more...


We hope to utilize modern technologies to support the positive transformations that the idea of ​​the Family Homestead and books of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series bring to humanity.

The "Ringing Cedars" International Social Network is an attempt to move even further in this direction.

And let everything be good in your lives, dear readers!

We wish you success, love and happiness!

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