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Improvement of Education
education in an ideal environment

created by robaire 03.05.2019 10:16 • last reply by SławiańskiDruh 10.01.2020 17:06It's utterly amazing to consider how the education develops in the forested environment. Here you would have no set, rigid cu...
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Опыт и результаты преподавания в школе Щетинина.

created by Belle7777 20.05.2018 20:34 • last reply by Belle7777 20.05.2018 20:34
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Поместье = лицей! Поселение = университет!!!

created by Belle7777 20.05.2018 17:38 • last reply by Belle7777 20.05.2018 17:38
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Birth Book: Wise Logical Scientific Rites

created by Kody Tillotson 10.04.2018 21:24 • last reply by Kody Tillotson 17.04.2018 06:00Hello everyone!!! Joy and Health to your Thoughts!!!   I am leaving here a copy of my Family Birth Book of Kin....
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