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General Section
4 forums
Perfecting the Dwelling Land
14 forums
Perfecting Way of Living
4 forums
Improvement of CultureIdeas to improve the current culture • last update: 21.06.2018 14:06
2 topics
Improvement of EducationIdeas for education improvement • last update: 10.01.2020 17:06
4 topics
Improvement of LeisureIdeas for improving the quality of leisure of the population
0 topics
OtherIdeas for improving the way of life, not relevant to existing sections • last update: 29.05.2019 17:52
3 topics
Perfecting the Joint Organization of the Population5 forums
Restoring the Lost And Forgotten4 forums
The Study of the Universe8 forums
Search for Answers4 forums
Family Party1 forums
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