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Anastasia: Menu of God - The Minute to eat a Fruit
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This summer I had a closer look to the Strawberries and Wonderberrys in our garden. While i ate lot of them, I recognised that some taste better than others, and it takes a little more effort to pick one, than anonther one - even if their colour looked beautifully ripe to me. I remembered the part of Anastasias Words about Gods Menu: everything we eat has its perfect hour, minute and even second WHEN to eat it. By eating Wonderberrys as well as Strawberrys in full awareness - it looked to me, like there is green hand just above/around the fruit, holding tight to the Fruit – and than - at a specific time (maybe when the plant says: „i am ready to eat“) the „hand“ lifts up and curls away from the fruit, as it wants to let go. At that moment (hour/minute?) the fruit is easy to pick and often falls into my hand just by touching it. – These fruits even taste better and are sweeter than the ones the plant is still „holding on“ to, even though the colour is already perfektly red, or shiny black. That gives a real deep sense to Anastasias Words about the right time to eat. – just by experiencing and using the 5 senses… I while ago i read an article about Wonderberrys – and i wondered why in some countrys they use it to cook delicious marmelade and here in Germany they say it is toxic for humans!? - maybe they checked some berrys that werent ripe enough and the analysis said: toxic. ?! So of course it would be an enourmous benefit for our health to eat fruit that is in „its Minute“ without some toxic molekules left in its fruit. Have you experienced this with other fruits/legumes as well? Can we SEE, SMELL or FEEL the exact Hour/Minute of a Fruit beeing ripe? Are there other signs from a plant that show us the exact time even better? How do other plants show this? I wonder how for example apples or cucumbers „show“ the perfect hour or minute…

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