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I am Teodora, I am 58 years old, single, from Bulgaria. In 2011 I started creating my kin's domain near the village of Solnik, district of Varna, Bulgaria. We are three homesteads, soon will be four. It was a lot of work - planting trees, digging pond, drilling for water, building a cob house. And still there is a lot to do. I am tired. I am getting old, my priorities and my ideas has changed. I would like to sell my domain to a young family, who will develop it with love and energy.

Here you can see more about my kin's domain (must ask for a friendship)

and the FB page of our small community


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Hi Teodora,

How are you? How is your kin domain? I hope you stayed there when the world has gone mad as you could be free not many people are as lucky :)

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