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Here to introduce the concept of Mutual Aid Networks.   The concept already exists, it is the pattern of Nature.  Here that man somehow became isolated, how to create new social fabrics where we realistically and materially care for one another, acting on impulses like: eliminating hunger and homelessness, providing safety from violence and harm, helping one another begin endeavors, to learn skills, and simply be in contact within communities.

A group has formed around this since 2014, as a "Cooperative of Cooperatives" working together to share winning results from around the world, and to grow a global network for Mutual Aid.  The concept now is focusing on creating regional Mutual Aid Networks that can share tools and skills that are useful for community support.  Examples as:  time banking where people trade hours of help, small 'savings and lending pools' where folks extend one another credit for zero interest, 'tools banks' for borrowing tools, community currency networks, youth councils for restorative justice (instead of creating juvenile criminals), community gardens... of course the ideas go on and on.  All of these things exist in some context somewhere, our hope is to spread the knowledge, for these benefits to enter new areas.

A prime tool that we (a rotating team of some dozens of people, Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks, or HUMANs) have created is the Mutual Aid Platform / MAP   <---- This is a site capable of posting Offers & Wants, sending messages to other members, mailing lists, etc, as well as the crucial function of completing trades through sending digital currency units, which can signify any mainstream currency, crypto currency, and especially locally created community currency or time bank hours.  The result is that members are able to trade in many ways, using different methods to get what they may need from the exchange.

Of course, a large hope of ours is simply that one may express a positive intentional plan, create listings for what is required to manifest the inspiration, and find those resources within the membership community.  My first focus with this is how to include the 'work of all humanity to heal the earth and ourselves' in our lives every day, able to ignore the beckoning of standard economic impulse to extract-produce-consume-destroy, and trustfully listen to our heart and voice within, and follow these intentions with the strength and confidence of one another, essential to fulfilling the vision.

I hope you see the inspiration behind this and the general framework.  Our team has been fairly small as we gather momentum.  I would be glad to hear from any of you, to hear how this may enter your own path.  In Cooperation,


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