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climate concerns and honest appraisals
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hi my name is Robaire.   from Canada (west coast).  I feel a number of concerns regarding the honesty of the descriptions given by Mr. Megre.  The most pronounced concern has to do with weather.  No where in the books have I found anything close to an honest appraisal of the very severe winter conditions prevalent in this part of the world.  This is not some idyllic Pacific island here.   It is one of the harshest known climates with winter temperatures often going below minus-20 C or even much colder, and for prolonged periods, many months.


The current weather in Surgut city is minus 1 C (link) and this is April springtime. In deep winter, the conditions are fierce.  For January and February the average lows are around minus 23 C and this I feel is mild compared to other regions in Siberia.


So my question is: how is it possible to enjoy any kind of nice outdoor lifestyle in such conditions? I would think that people in such a climate simply have to hibernate for at least a few months. How do they feed themselves otherwise?  Perhaps Anastasia's grandfather has a clue.  They seem to be doing all right in that location. But to me it's a real mystery.  Seriously, do they just traipse down to the Mediterranean for a few months (as anyone would normally do)? Especially now that they are "famous stars" ..... So why not be honest about it?


Well I can't comprehend how the little chipmunks would come on over to the dugout in a 50 below C blizzard and offer up some nice nuts and mushrooms. Nope doesn't make sense.  Also that little pond would make a nice ice rink, if you could stand the howling winds.


And by the way, I like the books a lot because they aptly describe what I guess is "ultra-primitive" ....  I mean, not even any furniture, no refrigerator, no local restaurants ..... I mean, just the wild animals to play with?  Ultra-primitive.  But I've read that the Chinese Daoist masters who escaped society to live in mountains and forests did pretty much the same kind of thing. They managed to find their place with no "artificial conveniences" ...  For surely 99.99999% of [people, being asked to give up everything in such a way is rather preposterous to put it mildly.  But then... it's a dream of absolute opposition to the established order, which of course makes it compelling.  We all agree on the premise that mechanization invariably leads to the soul's demise in the absolute sense.   And that nature provides "love" just by being what it is.  A place of abundant living pure energy.  I can therefore well comprehend the deep and visceral attraction to Megre's descriptions of this pure natural living-style.



on other topics:


I concur that having a physical domain of one or two hectares would surely provide an idyllic "space" from which to create an amazing result.  People have to claim their right to the homeland rather than cede that ownership to invisible "governments", who in turn seem to be very incapable stewards of the land (for example, selling profitable leases to forestry firms for clear-cutting etc)  ... so damaging to the ecosystem and such irresponsible use of land that actually belongs to the people who live in the region and could be using it in a much better way ...


In North America also, we need political parties who promise land ownership for the local people.  And there is currently a party called "the Green party" however, if you will allow me to be a bit cynical about this, I think they might have been formed to track and consolidate the "green sentiment" on behalf of the existing forces.   I say this because the one elected member from that party in this province (BC) has been a widely known "authority" on global-warming, which has been conclusively proven to be a complete fraud to begin with.



Spasiba.   Robaire




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I have another concern, and it has to do with the fact that the Ringing Cedars seem to be in fact, Siberian Pines. A pine tree is quite a different species than a cedar, and the pine nuts likewise are not cedar nuts.  So this should be made clear, and it is quite a simple correction to make.  The cedar tree has much amazing history (for example, the cedars of Lebanon, and the once cedar-forests of Cyprus, etc) and cedar-wood is legendary for its properties (very fragrant and used to ward off pests in closets and drawers).  The pine is a very different tree for sure, but we do see pine nuts being sold in this country. I believe these nuts are from Chinese sources.  I'm not sure if the cedar tree produces a similar small nut, or similar oils.  Perhaps some people have this information.



well, the "blue sphere" ..... have to admit that is an amazing consideration ....

and yet, what would a "higher life-form" look like anyway ..... a being of light, plasma-light body being ...



All good wishes -   Robaire




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Hi again. The books have descriptions of animals that are beyond amazing.

In the "modern world" it's been taught that the wild large animals are to be feared and avoided (or attacked before they attack you).

Imagine a large bear being a friend. A helper? It's beyond belief, yet I do believe that is how it was in the beginning.  What's wrong with a bear, or a large wild wolf, for that matter, that it cannot be a good friend.  The trick is that it needs to sense that you aren't the average programmed person who is taught to fear and distrust.  It probably comes down to the incredibly keen sense of feeling that these wild creatures have, being bale to pick up the most minute of feelings, especially feelings of friendliness or of fear.

I suppose that people in modern culture are constantly reinforced the feeling that large wild animals are very dangerous in the own native element, and that you need bear spray, whistles, etc..   before you venture into the true forest.

Actually the episode where Vladimir was beset by the pack of wild feral dogs when paying a visit to the Glade backs this up. Would the dogs have acted the same way to the Grandfather for example? Possibly not, possibly they might instead sense a person familiar and at home in the wilderness, and they would maybe sense and feel this intention to present no harm. It's hard to guess in a hypothetical situation, concerning wild and unbalanced animals like this.

Possibly animals would first sense a lack of fear, which is probably a primary trigger for most  animals.  Animals also have the keen territorial sense, so when they are certain that only a calm and friendly person is in their territory, they will be all right. They are very smart that way.  And wild animals are so different from domesticated ones. They probably "think" on a scale much faster and more precise.

And that gets to "accelerated thinking". I realize at some point it's necessary (and healthy) to let go and move on from my own public schooling experience.  Designed as it is to bore and to stupefy a child to the point of utter resignation. Luckily for us now, we have brilliant academicians like Mr. Schetinin who open the new channels for correct educational experience.   This would be a "real" education, a complete lifestyle, a wonderful passage to becoming mature.

Does the Reggio Emilia method mirror this in its intentions?  For education, we may start to view the child as his/her own best teacher, and life and experience is the curriculum. Children are perfected humans (in terms of being closer to the original God-state).  I only marvel at the description of little Volodya's incredible growing-up experience, in the warm and wonderful womb of pristine nature. What an unbelievable classroom, and yet, it is there the whole time, for anyone who will wake up and see and appreciate it.  

I'm sure that animals should be my friends especially if they are wild and in their own element. It's up to me to understand their purpose here in creation and how they were put here by God to serve a noble and wonderful function.  Paradise is tough to comprehend sometimes.  анастасия brings the vision, the dream, which will prevail, and it will do so in glorious and wonderful ways.

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As far as I can remember, Anastasia hibernates during winter. I think it's written in book 10 (Anasta). 'Normal' people living on family homesteads in such a region would have to prepare well for such periods (e.g. making preserved food, having a good functioning heating system, etc.).

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Concerning the difference between the Pinus Sibirica (Russian 'Cedar') and the Cedrus. I think Vladimir Megre makes it already very clear in the first book (Anastasia). Anyway, both are from the same family (Pinaceae) and have for sure very beneficial abilities...

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Excuse me. A little late, but I'd like to say: Hi Robaire, itŽs nice to meet you here :)


I agree with you on the topic of the 'natural classroom'. Once I read about an experiment of a woman who lived 6 months on the Spanish beach. She said that at the beginning the wild animals avoided her, but the more time passed, the closer they came to her. At the end they trusted her completely. I'm sure that it has to do with our energy field. At the beginning, the woman must have been completely imbalanced in her energy system (due to the influence of electricity, Wi-Fi, etc.). Later on, she was starting to connect with the frequencies of nature again. That's why I think that the animals trusted her again, as she radiated a totally different energy than at the beginning.


Greetings from Austria,



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As far as I can remember, Anastasia hibernates during winter. I think it's written in book 10 (Anasta). 'Normal' people living on family homesteads in such a region would have to prepare well for such periods (e.g. making preserved food, having a good functioning heating system, etc.).

thanks for pointing this out.  I've seen where it is better explained.

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Hello Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Would it be best for Re-Focusing All Our Energy on the Solutions instead of problems...


Life is much better as such :-)

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