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education in an ideal environment
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It's utterly amazing to consider how the education develops in the forested environment. Here you would have no set, rigid curriculum (designed and pre-planned) but nature would be the teacher. By the descriptions of Volodya and his astonishing comprehension of complex subjects and knowledge, it appears that the curriculum he was exposed to was far superior. Same goes of course for the forest academy.

There is a method called Reggio Emilia which takes the Montessori model and takes it much further, into the realm of:

"Children are capable of constructing their own learning. ...     Children are collaborators and learn through interaction within their communities. ...      Children are natural communicators and should be encouraged to express themselves however they feel they can."

In the Reggio method the Environment is the "3rd teacher". Instead of being "fed" knowledge-content, children are "encouraged in self-expression, communication, logical thinking, and problem-solving..."

I'm bridging the notion of this Reggio method with the phenomenal experience that Volodya and his little sister would have had in the pristine forest setting. How could it be that he knew all the calculations before the machine did? Very complex ones. How was he able to think in multiple dimensions, which he called "living dimensions" where the factors are active and moving.

There is much more to this even than what Vladimir (Sr.) wrote in thew stories. It's pretty powerful substance.

If you used these methods for teaching languages, how would you "design" (create or set up in context) the experience?


One of the things mentioned about the Forest Academy was how the children would work on a problem for many days at a time without becoming distracted and scattered .... without being asked to jump to other subjects and challenges. This way they would literally go to sleep with the problem and dream of solutions. For a period of time. They could put their whole focus on solutions.



oh yes.  we also have to plant many siberian pine trees in north america ... and we also will enjoy the pine nuts, along with many other things. I hope they like this climate.

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