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navigating the attacks on public health
Quote23.04.2019 04:530 people like thisLike

I think it's a given that the public is subject to regular systematic attacks on health. It seems pretty obvious that this is an ongoing strategy on the part of the dark side. For what reason? Probably to profit from healthcare business as well as to keep populations in check.

What kind of attacks? Fluoride in drinking water has been a massive hoax. (It does nothing except to poison water) For me the worst of all, probably, is the use of mercury in dental fillings. Imagine putting the 2nd most toxic substance into people's teeth despite that so many alternatives are available. And still today the dental colleges teach its use. Widespread criminal assault.

Generally who is to blame for these public health attacks? It has to be a very small group of ultra dark-side managers.

I guess coming up might be the latest in these attacks - and that would be the 5G wireless mobile technology. Already it is killing birds and insects which are in its signals path. And it would be used to send not just voice, but mostly data, in the form of machines talking to each other (internet of things).

Sensible people are going to wake up to Anastasia's plan for survival (let alone enjoyment of a paradise) very soon, else they will become extinct.

It seems amazing to me how far this current culture is from her vision. It almost looks like people are rushing headlong to becoming bio-bots as quick as they can. They seem to be stuck onto their mobile device like a drug they cannot do without. At least that is how cities look.

Does Anastasia predict a forestalling of a catastrophe? I wonder how, since people are willing to become wired bots, it seems like. And as for healthcare, they don't seem to realize that they are being used for the sake of healthcare professions for profit, which only incidentally care or healing.

If this doesn't seem like an overly optimistic posting, well at least it is trying to be sober.

When I visited tropical countries, the rural people closest to the land often had the lower incomes and the land was not really owned and enjoyed by the tenants. How could this change on a large scale? How would family domains work with countries in tropical zones?

People today don't seem overly concerned over the environment at least on the public scale, it seems only select concerned individuals (and conscientious groups) are this way. Many people just want to get ahead financially no matter what the cost. They want the fancy car, big house, and all the gadgets. They are basically consumers. Maybe the healthcare hoax is aimed at them in that regard.

There would have to be some major fundamental changes in public consciousness for the world to pivot and tack towards a perfected vision such as described by our fine sage of the taiga. It perhaps has to be done individually for the most part, and without much fanfare. I'm stretching my imagination to comprehend how it could happen.



ps.   according to one of the later editions of Ringing Cedars, the so-called "high priests" are actually agreeing with A on the need to protect the earth's environment.  But it seems they have hinted of the concerns elsewhere, for example, on the "Georgia Guidestones".

There was a spike in the Earth's human population the past 100 years and some reliable sources have attributed this at least in part to the widespread availability of manufactured Nitrogen for use in chemical fertilizers. Now the result has been the ability to grow much more food but also a nitrogen overload in the biosphere.

What is an ideal population anyway? Maybe the behavior of people has a lot to do with that. Maybe the world could contain a present population if everyone was living responsibly with family domains at the center of it. Surely 5G and all wireless technology is going to be a big challenge.  Between this and chemical pesticides, we don't need to look far to explain bee colony suffering.

A is talking about a really fundamental shift in consciousness for all people (oh yes, including hyper-ambitious Chinese who forsake God in favor of the "great successful man" image) ...  (small laughs) . They're certainly not the only ones. There are surely some strange archetypes (egregores) floating around the planet and the minds of its inhabitants. Some powerful new kind of re-programming is absolutely essential.

So if any of the "high-priests" are reading a forum like this one, why not try a "highly-sustainable agricultural lifestyle" programming strategy? You know, stick it in all the subliminal advertising they use and so on, in the public schooling curricula, and so on ... ..... I'm only half-kidding too.



ps.  the "Russophobia" in the USA seems to have been entirely manufactured to serve political/ economic agenda. In fact, Russia must be the most admirable country anywhere if only for the fact they have outlawed all genetically modified foods, and now what they have to show for it is the western world is all clamoring for their farm products which are considered to be the best in the world. Many people are now viewing Russia as a culture leader.



Finally (for this long post) it is surely fascinating to read the descriptions of the world's history as described by A whereby the Russia of old was deemed to be such a concern to the "forces powers that be", because of its unique kin domain culture, of absolute sustainability and spiritual coherence. Which held out the very longest it seems.

In fact, I suspect that North America (before the European take-over of the past 500 years) was much like this also, people who eschewed technological reliance and gadgetry in favor of a sincere natural balance of life.

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