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21.05.2018 (1339 Days Ago)
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TitleHow Can I See the List of My And Other People's Friends?
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How Can I See the List of My And Other People's Friends?

To view your friends list:

1. Via the account page.

1.1. Go to the page of your account:

1.2. Go to the "Activity" subsection, and open the "Friends" tab there:

2. Via the bottom panel:

2.1. Click the icon as on the screenshot:

2.2. Click on the "Friends" header of the pop-up menu.

3. Via your profile page:

3.1. Go to your profile page via the top menu:

3.2. Scroll down the profile until you see a list in the left column with links to user materials by sections:

3.3. Click the "Friends" link in this list.


To view friends of a particular user:

1. Open his/her profile page.

2. Go to the "Friends" subsection:

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