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21.05.2018 (1216 Days Ago)
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TitleHow To Write/Read/Reply To An Instant (Popup) Message?
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How To Write/Read/Reply To An Instant (Popup) Message?

To send a popup chat message:

1. Open the profile of the person you plan to start a popup chat with.

2. In the action bar on the opened profile, enter your first message in the "Chat..." text box.

3. Press Enter:


To read a popup chat message received from another user:

1. Find on the bottom toolbar a new button with a user's nickname and a round icon to the left of it. Click on it:

2. In the appeared window you can read the received popup chat message:


To reply to a message:

1. Type the answer in the text box at the bottom of the chat pop-up window as shown in the screenshot above.

2. Press Enter.

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