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308 days ago 0 comments Categories: About God  Tags: petry 
The poem is translated from Hungarian, I'm sorry but it doesn't rhyme only in some places.   Church cried from heaven His voice is so deep in the dark, Blood is just flowing from me, even I see this w...
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458 days ago 1 comments Categories: About God  Tags: на душе 
It's something like inner song, The Me-lo-dy, In a sofisticated tong Your heart though knows it alredy. It's like a rising of your lusid days, Its name is everliving Dream, And your heart-rise is runi...
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594 days ago 0 comments Categories: About God  Tags: важное совет 
Попутчики мои, зачем вам кров, - Не суетитесь в поисках ночлега Среди пустыни знойной, в царстве снега Пусть кровом станет вам Его любовь Попутчики мои, зачем вам хлеб, Доставшийся в безумной дикой...
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