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19.04.2018 (339 дней(день/дня) назад)
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Babayda Poseidon.
Добавил(а): Kody Tillotson

Babayda Poseidon, like the climate, dont need to remind them, shining in silence, final composition is priceless, child priest of Atlantis remind us, never in violence, rodents bite fine dust, first takers are primus-ed, oak trees finest, base line sign this, America my true East, Gods will climb us; down south is happy for the similar shrine musk, resin bed-line us, golden bed rock with words from the timeless, like right leg line splits, diamonds in these pits, left leg chime a bell, flying off like mercury impelled, by imagery, be well, and time do tell; like frogs we play and the fervor is well. Mayan martial arts stepping on squares they own, do tell. 9+1 steps to building a home. A true father and mother, seen yet or not, will never disown. Bleeding my throne, but only with the pitch which is burnable with an adjustable Om to wit. That is the phoenix crying because everything is perfect in the sit, in a dome where his adjusted pearl heart is lit! Ringing is Jingling when the spine does spit! On adjusted words that spread lightning quick. Compress in a kernel so the living aren’t sick. Predict a lick, from the serpent turtles tongue wont stick. Birthed with a body, or without a body, cool sick, dont make up your mind, the world is young kid not tool-less. Impressed with news, its something out of my mind and truest :)

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