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Posted By: Kody Tillotson

When the sun carries on, over vast paths across oak and pine tree groves. And sky trusting, showing down it's many comfortable eyes, touching soul. Will you Speak? Maybe softly to the world, or in breathing together down alongside your beloved mate.

Draw your water and bring it home, back to the world, back to your soul.

Lay your child up snug. Walk and enjoy the comfort of evening, eyes peering from where there is forest song. The song of the world raised up in love is therein involved. Mediterranean tundra winds blow. Carries the voice, wrapping up the sun's children in an evening warmth they know.

Feeling you then, and being here with you. Draw your water and bring it home, back to the world, back to your soul.

Within deep night, surrounded by twilight, dreams peak at the top of what has shown me the words of our times..

The days of yore lashed, traumatized to forgetfulness,  suggested to have been, dirty, primitive and mad. Before each one of us a decision to take to heart; Those few individuals who were born not from love. Those with their quicker speed of thought detached, who sought to control the world before, have now set sights on a new shore. Dead, dying, or having recognized how shattered internally was their unified whole. So hearken and remember! Reach your thought back through the kernel surround of the soul. 10,000 or even 150,000 years of the Earth's movement and stars passing show.

Before them, for you, for precious life and memory's stay, your fore-fathers and fore-mothers recognized the function of their lives and the universe's ways. And so with each other and the diverse intelligence of a whole living co-creation they aspired to know the energy of love, and the birth of a child. They were inspired to co-create into the future a marvelous life right on the spot!

Right now at this time we can all start to build our own Sky Home, a Kin's Domain: A Garden Paradise. With all of yourself, strive to remember with all of those feelings, the purpose and pristine origins of a life in singing, and of kindred thinking of new life in love, moved by God, but immeasurably  greater than any power alone he might hold below or above.

Inspired by my own pristine origins, the future that my diverse feelings together shape, and the wondrous woman who showed to me those words and feelings with which to say. Anastasia and The Ringing Cedars of Russia.

May I find my own Universe Girl, a Marvelous Goddess, along the way.

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