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May Good Days Follow You.
Posted By: Kody Tillotson

May good days follow you..

From your hand's palm to the mount of your shoulders, drapes clothing of bright touch from the air of the space around you. Give this to your son and again be young, feet on the ground finding love..

See, there are people walking at the morning's dawn in the dirty streets. A pulse in the air sets ground for a man's delightful, insightful calling..

"World be heard! Be fragrant Earth, and let your soil blossom as a balanced ray of life. It reflects but one type of closeness in Man's life."

" So please look out and see hornets in their gleam protecting my home under the nearby majestic Cedar trees. Blossoming of the soil and my light is rising still, I follow a path of towering spring."

"Waters run cool and seep deep in-between. On the ridged back of the motherland,  we can herald the marvelous  dawning of every morning! "

"Pollen surrounds and flowers plume from the ground cover. Rugged is this mountain, and birds soar with laughter."

" Sunflowers may dance and sway with Madrone flowers caringly swept away to the forest floor." "Is there a divine program for life?" a child asks..

And just like that, a man's birth will always mean more..

Thought from well over 10,000 years here is trying to implore! With feelings freed to a space in our thoughts, we could take a peak over these verdant horizon crests, as buds of fresh thought. From where have we headed? And on what part, for a marvelous  life, what kind of dream could our thoughts and feelings be intended? In Love the truth, may only good days follow you!

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